Udhaiyam Wheat Flours

a)Udhaiyam whole wheat flours( Atta, Chaki Fresh Atta ).
b)Udhaiyam Maida.
c) Udhaiyam Suji.
d) Uhaiyam Gram flour
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We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of most hygienic nutritious Wheat products such as Atta, Chakki Fresh Atta, Maida and Suji (Rawa). We leverage all our expertise and skills to ensure only the best quality products to reach the end-consumer. All these products are extremely notorious and widely demanded by huge database of our valuable clients.

a) Uhaiyam Whole Wheat Flours:( Atta, Chakki Fresh Atta )...

We offer a comprehensive range of premium quality whole wheat flours made out of the choicest grains which are sourced from reliable vendors and hygienically processed in the state of the art processing plants. These products are strictly tested on various parameters to meet the set food grade industry standards. With our consumer-friendly and technically optimized whole wheat flour products of two varieties such as

i.Udhaiyam Atta and
ii. Udhaiyam Chakki Fresh Atta.

We meet expectations of our prestigious customers and fully satisfy them with our wholesome and delightfully delicious healthy whole wheat products.

Free from any kind of contaminations, our whole wheat flours are full of natural goodness of high fibres and purity. The doughs made from our Udhaiyam whole wheat flours are strong and can be rolled out thin. Due to high absorption of water by the dough, rotis retain more moisture and remain soft for hours. Our Udhaiyam Atta and Chakki fresh Atta are very popular in the market, owing to its high nutritional value, health benefits and delectable taste. High bran content of the whole meal Atta makes it a fibre-rich which is important for a healthy digestive system. Flat breads made from Atta such as fluffy soft rotis, naans, parottas, parathas, chapathis and crispy puries are an integral part of Indian cuisine. It is also appreciable in making halwa, snacks and bakery products.

Our Udhaiyam whole wheat flour possess B-Vitamins dietary fiber, carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals like calcium, folacin, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and minimal amount of sodium. It’s calorific value is 352.3 kcal per 100 gram weight.

Udhaiyam Atta...

Udhaiyam Atta we offer, is widely appreciated for its purity and quality. It has great taste and is rich in terms of protein. These are properly packed for preservation of freshness and flavour and available in market in various packing as per our client’s requirements in very pocket friendly price range.

Udhaiyam Chakki Fresh Atta

By leveraging on our advanced Chakki grinding facility, we are capable of making available a premium variety of Udhaiyam Chakki Fresh Atta. This has natural taste and richer nutrition. There are available in well-customized packaging in order to meet our customer’s requirements at very affordable prices.

Significant features of Our Udhaiyam Toor Dhall / Toor Dhall Medium
b)Udhaiyam Maida Flour...

We are renowned for manufacturing, supplying and exporting wide range of supreme quality Maida Flour, most famously known with brand Udhaiyam all over India. Udhaiyam Maida is Micro-finely milled and refined wheat flour. This is extracted from the inner white portion of wheat after the outer brownish layer is removed. This finished product of the choicest ripened wheat sourced from reliable vendors using highly sophisticated machinery in the process. We process fine Maida flour, under strict quality controls so that there is no compromise with its quality. Free from any kind of contamination, our Maida is pure and highly nutritious. This has 100% carbohydrate and its colorific value is 350 kcal per 100 gram weight. This has got high protein content.

Udhaiyam Maida is appreciated for its great taste and supreme quality. This is extensively used to make various Indian flat-breads like fluffy soft puri, parotta, paratha, naan, chapathi, kulcha, and many more delicious recipes. White bread noodles, vermicelli, crispy samosa, pizza base, pasta, cakes, pastries, bakery foods like breads, biscuits, snacks, toast etc., and some Indian sweets are also made from Maida. Our Udhaiyam Maida flour popularly demanded by households, hotels, cuisines, confectionary shops, and bakeries etc., among others. Maida is widely used not only in Indian cuisines but also in central Asian and South Asian cuisines. We ensure safe and secure packaging as per the requirement of our clients at market leading prices.

Significant features of our Udhaiyam MaIda
c) Udhaiyam Suji Flour ( Sooji, Sermilina or Tawa )...

We are one of the reputed companies that provides wide range finest quality Suji flour. Our Udhaiyam Suji is widely appreciated among clients for its rich nutritious value and purity. This is formulated using 100% pure and natural durum wheat which is procured from the reliable vendors. This is hygienically processed with the modern milling in which choicest wheat is cracked into as Suji coarse pieces. Our product is quality tested at every single stage of production in order to ensure its aroma and freshness. Free from any kind of contamination, our Udhaiyam Suji is pure and highly nutritious.

Suji is a good source of like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, iron, and dietary fiber. Its calorific value is 350 kcal per 100 gram weight. It has low cholesterol, low fat, saturated fat and low sodium. It is regarded beneficial for the overall development of children as it contains high nutritional value. It consists of complex carbohydrates that are helpful in losing weight and is good for diabetes people as well. It provides nourishment to people of all ages.

A widely popular product, our Udhaiyam Suji is essentially used in India as quick and convenient material for making healthy foods. They are traditionally served at breakfast, but can be enjoyed anytime. Delicious recipes like dosa, idli, upama, uttapam made from Suji are very common throughout South India. It is used in making delectable tasty dishes like halwa, ladu, kesari, khichde, puries, samosas, cakes, biscuits and savory preparations. When it is cooked in water are on milk with sugar and fruit in it, it makes a healthy hot cereal. We make available Udhaiyam Suji in hygienic packaging as per our client’s requirements at reasonable prices.

Significant features of our Udhaiyam Suji
d) Udhaiyam Gram Flour...

We are high grade Udhaiyam Gram Flour manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India. The organic Gram flour provided by us is known in the market for its rich nutritional value and pungent taste with the advanced infrastructure and latest machines, these products are finely grounded in the hygienic conditions using high quality chickpeas (a legume otherwise known as channa dhall) procured from reliable vendors. The hygienic production, extreme quality control resulted an unsurpassable quality and taste. Free from any kind of contaminant and artificial colors, our Udhaiyam Gram Flour is completely safe, pure and highly nutritious.

Gram Flour is also known as Chickpea flour, Channa flour, Besan, or Garbanzo flour. It has slightly nutty flavor and earthly aroma. It contains a high proportion of carbohydrates but no gluten. Its calorific value is 375 kcal per 100 gram weight. Despite this in comparison to other flours, it has a relatively high proportion of protein. With its lower glycemic index and high nutritive value, Gram flour has a lot of health benefits. It has cosmetic values and is used as facial exfoliate in the form of paste with milk or yogurt and turmeric and is popular among young women. The face mask has proven to be successful as a cleanser and whitening skin.

As Indian love spicy and sweet recipes, Gram Flour is a very important ingredient in these food items. Thus our Udhaiyam Gram flour enjoys continuous use in Indian kitchens and in the parts of Mediterranean all through the year. This is a substitute of egg for vegetarian people and can be used instead of egg coatings in various recipes of vegan cooking. This flour adds extra flavor to the dishes. This is also perfect as a thickenner in curries and coatings in different kinds of enhanced fries. Gram Flour is used is making varied delicacies like Ladu, Dhokla, Bhajia, Gathia Papri, Dali Khadi, Pakoda etc., Our clients can avail Udhaiyam Gram Flour from us in various sizes of hygienic packing in accordance to their requirements at most reasonable prices.

Significant features of our Udhaiyam Gram Flour...