Udhaiyam Gram Dhall

These are yellow in color and split form. Gram dhall has more of earthly flavor. Our Udhaiyam Gram Dhalls are available in pleasurable uniform size and are fresh and retain their freshness despite packaging; are contaminant free and well processed and cleaned. These Grams are completely free from any artificial ingredients, preservatives and harmful addictives. We produce these Gram Dhalls in such a way so that all the proteins and nutritive contents are maintained.

Gram pulses have high ratio of vitamins, calcium, iron and other essential nutrients required for the body. Gram dhall is one of the major ingredients in Indian daily life diet. Highly in dietary fiber, it goes well with vegetables such as cabbage and lauki.

We offer you 100% supreme quality, healthy, nutritious, pure and tasty Gram dhalls, which are used in preparation of several delicious dishes. Our Udhaiyam Gram Dhalls are available in packaging of varying capacity and are offered at cost competitive price.

Significant features of our Udhaiyam Gram Dhall
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