Udhaiyam Moong Dhall

Our Company is premier among most prominent high quality Moong dhall supplier and exporter from India. In today’s fast paced life where people are leading towards natural resources of Protein, Moong dhall is vastly used lentils. Moong beans are split so that they are flat yellowish color and known as Moong dhall.

Our Udhaiyam Moong dhall, Moong dhall Medium are rich in minerals, vitamins and nutritive elements. Moong dhalls offered by us are widely consumed as an essential staple food in India and various countries. Our Moong dhall has sweet flavor, soft texture. It is quick cooking and relatively easy to digest. It is the best and routine tasty dish for Indians. Moong dhall is further refried with mild spices, which is used as very tasty snacks.

We process and produce highly cleaned quality Moong dhalls. We ensure the products retain the nutritive value and are packaged using innovative technology so that they remain pest-free as well as retain the freshness. We offer Udhaiyam Moong dhalls which are packed in bags of different weights and are also available at market leading prices.

Significant features of Our Udhaiyam Moong dhall
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