Udhaiyam Iodized Salt

(Iodized free flow salt and Iodized crystal salt)

Our organization is highly instrumental in supplying and exporting an assortment of Iodized free flow salt and Iodized crystal salt all over the nation. These salts are hygienically produced using high grade raw materials. As the name suggests ‘Iodized salt-Udhaiyam’ is rich in potential Iodine which is very much useful for the growth of human being. Our Udhaiyam granular white Iodized salts are manufactured in a totally hands-free (automated) environment. Using advanced technology, process is done so that salts are absolutely free from lumps, impurities and pollutants. Every micro crystal of salt is thoroughly washed, dried and evenly iodized by scientific methods. No chemicals used in the process. These products are stringently quality tested on various parameters to meet set food grade standards. Our Udhaiyam Iodized salts are fully authenticated and fit for human consumption. They contain prescribed small amount of potassium iodide and dextrose may also be added as an dietary supplement to stabilize the iodine. Iodine content is 330 ppm min when packed. Udhaiyam Salts are widely appreciated for its pH value, accurate composition and purity.

Iodized salt has significantly reduced disorders of iodine deficiency in humans. Iodine deficiency is the main cause of mental retardation, thyroid gland problems and endemic goiter, lowered IQ, stunting paralysis, speech and hearing defects. These can be prevented by regular consumption of iodized salt. It controls sugar level. In mild solutions, it makes an excellent mouthwash, throat gargle or eyewash. It is effective dentifriceand is an effective antiseptic. It has energy proteins, all types of fats. No carbohydrates in it. Our premium range is free from any mineral or organic residue matter and assured of free flow nature in all kinds of weather conditions.

Our refined Udhayam iodized salts are extensively used in varied applications. Salt is necessary for human body and is most essential nutrient of our daily diet. It acts as an appetizer for our digestive system. Salt preserves food. It protects the stored food from spoiling and it retards the growth of micro-organism. You can add salt in baked goods like cakes, cookies, snacks, breads and in dairy products. It balances the flavor of all other ingredients. Enhancing almost every dish, salt is added to meats, fruits, vegetables and pickles, to sauces, desserts and confectionaries. Salt is used universally for seasoning in all kinds of cuisines all over the world in daily cooking and it makes food tasty.

Refined edible Iodized salts that we offer are highly acclaimed for their variety and quality in the market. Our Udhaiyam Free flow Iodized salt possesses zero moisture and equal size granules. Our Udhaiyam Iodized crystal salt is renowned for its wholeness, richness and purity. These salts are fortified with Iodine at levels above the natural state and highly soluble is water. These refined Iodized salts are perfectly suit the taste buds of huge database of our honored clients. These Udhaiyam salts are hygienically packed to intact freshness and purity asper our clients requirements at most competitive prices.

Significant features of our Udhaiyam Iodized Salts
(Free Flow Iodized Salt, Iodized Crystal Salt)