Udhaiyam Semi Cooked Food

i. Udhaiyam Chapathi
ii. Udhaiyam Parotta
iii. Udhaiyam Idly / Dosa Batter
Udhaiya Instant Sambar
Udhaiyam Instant Gulab Jamoon Mix

Semi-Cooked Food products:

We are well-established manufacturer offering unique and delicious variety of semi-cooked dough items such as Udhaiyam Chapathi, Parotta and Idly / Dosa batter to our valued clients. Our these ready-to-cook products are trusted for its tasty, purity, hygiene and healthy ingredients. We ensure that finest quality produce only reaches the customers through stringent quality control measures. The manufacturing process is closely monitored at every stage. We maintain a clean and safe environment in our factory with the worker using masks and gloves.

Our hi-tech manufacturing unit consists of machines for various processes from the intial cleaning of raw materials to the final packaging of semi- cooked doughs in air-tight packages. We understand the requirements of our customers, who prefer to have home-made food, when they return from hustle and bustle of the daily office travels. We manufacture these ready to cook items that are made carefully retaining the traditional flavour. The hygienic production, extreme quality control resulted an unmatched quality and taste.

Original traditional taste, and hygienic quality have given a customer loyalty to all our Udhaiyam ready-to-cook food products. Our these semi-cooked food products are widely used by the home-makers, office goers, bachelors, picnic makers and for parties, where quality, taste and time saving methods are very essential. Experience these awesome foods, with cozy ambiance and all in very reasonable prices.

Udhaiyam Chapathi;

Chapathi is Indian unleavened bread (also known as roti). This is a common staple of cuisine of South Asia as well as almost Indian expatriated throughout the world. Chapathi are made of whole wheat flour.

Our Udhaiyam chapathi are made from premium quality natural ingredients. Our fully automated Chapathi maker––which can do entire processes from making the dough to finally rolled out perfectly circled thin Chapathis of uniform disc shapes in clean operations. We developed a Chapathi processor which performs the work from making the dough to rolling out Chapathis that has the traditional flavour and consistency of home-made Chapathi. The hygienic production, extreme quality control resulted an unmatched quality and taste. Ready-to-cook our Udhaiyam Chapathis are then properly packed using innovative technology to retain its taste and texture. No artificial addictives, preservatives, and colouring agents. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

Our Udhaiyam Chapathi is prepared from Ro and Uv purified water. Ingredients are wheat flour, refined oil, water and salt. It is untouched by hands and totally machine made. Cut open the cover, remove the plastic sheet and place few pieces in on the tawa. Roast chapathi moderately on tawa with dizzile oil or ghee. Eat the hot chapathi and enjoy the gusto of super soft, smooth and fluffy Udhaiyam chapathi. It is palatably softish and a pleasing relish and unique choice. It is rich in protein, carbohydrates, crude fiber. Its calorific value is 285 kcal / 100 gram. Our fresh hot Udhaiyam Chapathis are a very yummy nutritious wholesome breakfast / dinner with any gravy or curry / high salad of your choice.

Significant features of our Udhaiyam Chapathi:
  • Rich nutritious
  • High protein source
  • Best quality
  • Super soft and smooth
  • Easy to digest
  • Energy booster
  • Traditional taste and flavour
  • Untouched by hands
  • Totally machine made
  • No artificial addictives, preservatives and colouring agents.
  • Quality guaranteed freshness and flavour
  • Hygienic food-grade packaging
  • Reasonable prices
Health benefits of our Udhaiyam Chapathi basic ingredient whole wheat are:

• Reduce the risk of diabetes obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

• Does not increase cholesterol.

• Reduce level of high blood pressure.

• Regulate blood sugar.

• Constipation and other digestive issues are also resolved with dietary fibre content. This is assuring in the present hectic life-style.

• Vitamin E, Selenium, and fibre present is also considered lower risk of cancers and heart disease.

• Wheat is rich in vitamins and minerals. Protein, Vitamin B, B2, B6, B9, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, contains magnese, selenium, potassium, and zinc are key ingredients.

• Iron which is important part of our blood, key factor in hemoglobin.

• Zinc which is necessary for the skin and growth.

• Wheat is high energy and low calorific food. Whole wheat dietary fibre also helps reduce weight, giving the feeling the fullness reducing overeating.

• Vitamin ‘B’ complex which includes thiamine, niacin, riboflavin all necessary for body functions.

Udhaiyam Parotta: ( Poratta, Barotta)

A parotta is a delight and common layered flat bread of Southern India. This is more popular staple food in many Indian households. This is also served in marriages, religious festivals and feasts. The most relishing flaky, multi-layered parottas are one that deep fried. This is a great street side food famous in Tamilnadu and Kerala.

The main ingredient for our premium quality Udhaiyam semi-cooked dough of parotta is refined wheat flour (maida). Other ingredients are refined oil, water and salt. Ready-to-cook Udhaiyam parottas are made from high grade natural ingredients. Our fully automated parotta maker––which can do entire process from making the dough to finally rolled out perfectly circled thick parottas of uniform disc shapes in clean operations.

Refined Maida which we used is ensured quality and guaranteed purity. Maida which we used for semi-cooked dough is choicest ripened wheat sourced from reliable vendors using extremely acknowledged hygienic process.

Process flour should be load in our hi-tech parotta machine manually. This is automated layer parotta machine. Place the well mixed dough into hoppers. Through special designed mechanisms, rolling, sheeting, wrapping, extruding, folding and forming to produce multi-layered dough-balls. After fermentation, the balls can be pressed and uniform disc shape thick parottas are obtained. After pressing, the automated multi-layer parottas are thus finished. This parotta machine ensures hassle free work performance as its user end. Our parotta making machine is equipped with contemporary technologies. We using this machine for the preparation of layer parottas asper the required thickness, size and diameter. It is prepared using a technique which involves waving and puffing the dough that flat bred is formed of many layers.

Our Udhaiyam parotta has the traditional flavour and the consistency of home-made parottas. It is then properly packed using innovative technology to retain its taste and texture. No artificial addictives, preservatives and colouring agents.

Our Udhaiyam parotta is prepared from Ro and Uv purified water. It is untouched by hands and totally machine made. It appreciated for its great taste and supreme quality.

Cut open the cover, remove plastic sheet, and cook the parottas in on tawa with drizzle oil or ghee and you see it becoming fluffy. Flip frequently until speckled brown and firm. Stack two or three parottas together and keep parottas in between the palms of two hands and do like clapping hands. This just to separate the different layers that comes in our parotta. You can see the layers separating which make parottas unique from the other Indian flat tawa breads. Now flaky layered soft and yummi parottas are ready to eat. It is not suitable for cooking in microwave or oven.

Our Udhaiyam parottas are lovely looking, superb and gorgeous. Our parottas are look so good so perfectly layered and professional. Serve hot parottas with chicken kuzhambu or kuruma or mutton / chicken curry / gravy.

Udhaiyam parottas with less fat and keeping nutrition values. It has got high protein content. Its calorific value is 350 kcal / 100 gram.

Our product range: plain parotta, chilli parotta and kothu parotta. Each pack contains 5 parottas. Store it in refrigerator. Keep frozen at 18º C / 0º F below. Do not refreeze once defrosted.

Significant features of Our Udhaiyam Parotta:
  • Rich nutritious
  • High protein source
  • Provides dietary energy
  • Supreme quality
  • Traditional taste and flavour
  • Flaky soft and chewy
  • Perfectly layered
  • 100%vegetarion
  • No artificial addictives, preservatives, and colouring agents
  • GMO free
  • Quality guaranteed freshness and flavour
  • Untouched by hands
  • Totally machine made
  • Hygiene
  • Food grade packaging
  • Reasonable prices
Health benefits of Udhaiyam Parotta basic ingredient refined wheat flour (maida):
  • Provides calories to the body.
  • Good choice for diabetes because it stabilized the blood glucose level.
  • Provides immunity against cancer and high blood pressure.
  • It has 100% carbohydrate.
  • Does not increase cholesterol.
Udhiyam Idly / Dosa batter:

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of quality guaranteed Udhaiyam branded food products, if people buy our “ready-to-cook” products, we show ways to help them serve up freshly cooked hygiene foods and to lead healthiest life.

Our organization provides Udhaiyam Idly / Dosa batter to consumers, which is rich nutritious, and pure in nature. We posses a highly advanced processing unit which is highly equipped to handle all operations with 100% supreme quality natural ingredients rice, orid dhall refined pure Ro and Uv water, salt and fenugreek which are free from microbial contamination, we produce this Idly / Dosa batter.

At every stage, our product passes through stringent quality checks to ensure that only best product reaches to consumers. With the hydrogen sulphide test and with the help of modern techniques, keep the idly batter in adequate cooling state and make it fit for use. After grinding is over, before fermenting condition, we ensure our Udhaiyam Idly batter immediately reaches the shops and is delivered timely to the consumers. Hands-free procedure helps in maintaining the nutritional level, original flavour taste and 100% pure of the content. Manufacturing under strict hygienic environment in our facility, extreme quality control resulted unmatched quality and taste. Our Udhaiyam Idly batter is highly appreciated for its safe-consumption, rich nutritional value and delicious taste.

People are got diseases, because of eating unhygienic foods. Today many consumers in metros lead time-pressured life styles and have less time available for preparing all hygienic foods in home itself, as a result of which the demand for “Ready-to-cook” food products like our Udhaiyam Instant Idly batter is preferred by people because of less cost, time and preparation and consumption in busy and hectic life.

The process of making idlis is a cumbersome one, as you are required to plan well in advance. You need to soak orid dhall hours ahead, usually overnight, and then grind to make the batter ready. But with Udhaiyam idly batter you can save a lot of time and energy. Just cut open the pack and you can have steamed hot idlis ready to serve for a traditional wholesome healthy breakfast in a matter of minutes to start your day.

Being perfect food product, our Uhaiyam Idly batter is widely admired for its highly hygienic, free from any contamination, having no complaints. It means fast and easy to prepare simplest and healthiest food and safe-consumption. People are advised to use our idly batter before 5 days from packaging. Our unique distribution network ensures that selling shops must have refrigerator and that end-consumer is enriched by good health and happiness. Udhaiyam as a brand has always set out to empower home-makers, working women and bachelors and enable to them to make wholesome and delicious food.

Idly is a savory cake of South Indian origin popular throughout India. The cakes are usually two or three inches in diameter are made by steaming fermented batter. Light and fluffy, snow white, steamed rice cakes that tastes great. Fenugreek seeds gives the fluffinesses of which give soft Idlis and crispy Dosas. In today’s fast paced life Idly / Dosa are enjoying the prominent position and excellent healthy choice among menu of South Indian.

Most often eaten at breakfast or dinner or as a snack, idlis are usually served in pairs with chutney, sambar, or other accompaniments, mixture of crushed dry spices such as idly chilli powder with ghee are the preferred condiment for idlis eaten on the go.

Idly prepared from our Udhaiyam Idly batter is so soft and spongy that it melted in mouth. It is most favorite, very healthy classic and traditional for breakfast in South Indian homes. It is very convenient one for novice cooks, bachelors, and other busy bodies.

Udhaiyam is most trusted brand, it wins and retains the customer trust. Udhaiyam Idly / Dosa batter that we offer is widely consumed as an essential staple natural “ready to cook” food product in South India.

To make Idly:

Do not mix the Udhaiyam Idly batter, pour a laddleful of batter scooped out the pan. Undisturbed tiny air-bubbles helps in making soft spongy idlies. Steam cool for 10 minutes over high medium flame / switch off and let in rest in the pan for few minutes before you scoop out. Taking them immediately will result in torn idlies with rugged top and sides. Consistency and smoothness of Udhaiyam batter gives softness to idlies. Making sponge like, jasmine touch idlies is not much of a mystery. The white soft beauties, malligaipoo idlies are very easy to make with our Udhaiaym Idly batter, since it is the right mixture of grounded rice orid dhall and fenugreek.

Uhaiyam Idly batter can be used to prepare masala idly, stuffed idli, kanchipuram idli, rava idli, and fried idlies. Onion, chillies, tomato, coconut or cheese may be added to improve taste and variation.

Udhaiyam Instant Idly batter provides a balance combination of carbohydrate (Rice) and protein (orid dhall) hence helps in preparing a quick and healthy meal. Those with wheat allergies or gluten intolerance will find idlis a nice addition to their diets. Idlis are very nutritious for children.

To make Dosa:

Dosa is made with a similar Udhaiyam batter to the idly. Dosa is a delicious light recipe that is popular and typical South Indian dish and can be enjoyed with sambar and chutney. The preparation which has put South India on every culinary hot spot of the world.

Mix the batter with little water, bring the consistency slightly thin. Proceed making dosas. Heat a flat griddle. Take a ladleful of batter and pour in the center of the griddle. Use the back of laddle to gently spread the batter in circular motion.

Always bring the batter to room temperature before making idlis and dosas. Cold batter would yield hard idlies and rubbery dosas. Fenugreek seeds gives the fluffiness of which gives soft idlis and crispy golden dosas.

Udhaiyam Idly / Dosa batter:

Udhaiyam Idly / Dosa batter is just like your home-grind-made. It is freshly made everyday. Hygienic, untouched by hands / totally machine made. Quality ingredients and purified Ro and Uv water used. Great traditional taste through hi-technology. Stainless steel processing machines used. Process technology certified by cftri. Best before five days from packaging. For soft idlis, keep the batter out of the fridge for 1 hour. Storage either at 10ºC on no below the same in the refrigerator and preserve till 5 days and may be made for usage (avoid freezer).

We ensure the products retain the nutritional values and are packaged using innovative technology so that they retain maximum freshness. 1 kg and 500g packing available in Food grade LDPE pouches. Once open use fully. Our Udhaiyam Idly batter pack will give 30-32 soft Idlis (in cooker idly plates).

We are committed to excellence in health care through this high quality “ready-to-cook“ food product, the zeal to offer the best has given us the edge over other in the domestic market in India. Our Udhaiyam Idly / Dosa batter is widely demanded by households, hotels, restaurants and canteens. We are continually provide splendid eveyday service to both trade and to consumers that exceeds their expectations.

Significant features of our Udhaiyam Idly / Dosa batter:
  • Rich nutritious
  • High protein source
  • Supreme quality ingredients
  • Easy to make
  • Wholesome and Delicious
  • Easy to digest
  • Provides energy
  • Traditional taste and flavour
  • Hands-free / Totally machine made
  • 100% natural and pure
  • 100% vegetarian
  • No trans fats
  • No cholesterol
  • Hygienic
  • Suitable for all ages
  • No MSG
  • Quality guaranteed freshness and flavour
  • Food grade packaging
  • Reasonable prices