Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Committee Heads:

  1. Mr.Sudhakar 
  2. Mr.Dhinakar

The Role of the Committee Heads in CSR:

The significant role-play of the CSR committee heads. The role of the committee includes:

  • Approval of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
  • Ensuring that the CSR plan gets implemented in its entirety.
  • Full disclosure of the spends and plan of CSR policies which are related to its report.
  • Displaying the same on the company website.
  • Ensure that specified amount allotted is being spent by the company in CSR activities.

CSR Activity

Promoting Education

We are providing tuition fee, book fee, transportation fee, other education related fee and providing vocational essential training fee, vocational training related certificate fee. Ensure by our CSR committee members it’s properly utilized.

Help Mentally Challenged Children’s

Our Vision of this program to have society where the physically & mentally challenged person to lead a of life care, dignity & with self-reliant. So, we are providing the funds to welfare society.

Natural Disaster’s Relief Activity

Our CSR activity members provide food items & funds to flood affected people in Kerala. Provide 5 tons of food items to flood affected people. All natural disaster’s we are provide materials &help to get relief quickly.

COVID Relief Package

We imported 10 oxygen generators from foreign country to help COVID effected public people and providing 5 to 15 days free service to public.