Udhaiyam Maida

Maida is a white flour made from wheat. It is finely milled without any bran, refined and bleached. Maida is used extensively for making fast foods, baked goods such as pastries, bread, cake,  etc. Maida is a high-calorie flour which is rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. Due to its water retention capability and elasticity, maida can be used in several snacks and savoury preparations

Nutrient Content & Health Benefits

Being native to India, its cultivation is highly valued due to its high calorific value (237 Kcal / 100 gram dry weight) and numerous other benefits like

Energy 322.00 Kcal
Carbohydrate 73.0 g
Protein 09.50 g
Fat 00.80 g
Crude Fibre Traces
Minerals 00.30 g


500 Grams
250 Grams
50 Grams


Urad dal or black gram originates from India and has been cultivated since ancient times.

In 13th century AD the great Hindu philosopher Shri Madhvacharya is believed to have introduced the dal as an offering in ceremonies in place of sacrificing animals.