Idly Batter

Udhaiyam Idly Batter

Idli batter is made by soaking the following ingredients for few hours and grinding them in right proportions to get a smooth semi-liquid batter. This batter is used to make soft idlis when streamed and crispy dosas when cooked in a Dosa Tawa. Idlis and dosas are served as a common breakfast food all over South India.

Rice (de-husked)
Urad Dhall

Nutrient Content & Health Benefits

Being native to India, its cultivation is highly valued due to its high calorific value (237 Kcal / 100 gram dry weight) and numerous other benefits like

Energy 154 K Cal
Proteins 8.0 g
Fat 84 mg
Fibre 240 mg
Carbohydrate 28 g
Calcium 22 mg


1 KG
500 Grams


Urad dal or black gram originates from India and has been cultivated since ancient times.

In 13th century AD the great Hindu philosopher Shri Madhvacharya is believed to have introduced the dal as an offering in ceremonies in place of sacrificing animals.